According to the Public Health England website, there are many reasons why we should all stress less, including lack of sleep, inability to function properly and it can lead to physical ill health.

It’s something my mum and I have experienced a lot lately, as we’ve helped look after nan who has severe dementia, so last week we left Nanny with the carers while my mum and I headed to a Spa for a few days of stress free relaxation.

As we arrived we were handed two waffle robes which were to become our main outfits of our stay. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to sitting in a restaurant full of total strangers wearing just a dressing gown!

img_1837When we weren’t eating the delicious food (which they assured us was healthy!) we were usually sat in a jacuzzi, lying down reading a magazine, or having a treatment. While the paper knickers I had to wear for my detoxifying wrap weren’t the most attractive thing I’ve seen, my skin did feel lovely afterwards, so it seemed a small price to pay! And my Indian Head Massage was simply heavenly.

It wasn’t all sitting about doing nothing though. As I’m now on the next stage of physiotherapy rehab following a knee operation earlier this year, I did make it to the onsite gym and I took part in water aerobics. However, my favourite bit of exercise was img_1859an hour long walk with my mum around the grounds of the mansion that the spa is set in – what a way to unwind and get back to nature.
The whole experience was amazing, and my mum and I have returned feeling truly relaxed and rested, and that is something I’m determined to hold on to, because while going to a spa is a real treat, looking after yourself shouldn’t be. We are all working hard and dealing with pressures in our personal lives, but we must make time for ourselves. It could be something simple like sitting down to watch a film on TV, buying yourself a small bunch of flowers or even taking the time to try something new with your hair. While it might seem indulgent to put yourself first, in the long run you’ll be better at your job and stronger for all those people who depend on you.

So this evening I think I’m going to have a bath and maybe put on a face-mask!