February is a funny month; while it feels like Winter has been happening for ever, Springtime still feels a long way away. Most of us have long forgotten our New Year’s resolutions to eat less and exercise more, so instead of hitting the gym we find ourselves sitting on the sofa, eating calorie filled comfort food. But this year I am determined to buck the trend, and I’ll be doing it in style!

Last month, over a healthy dinner (well it was January so obviously I was dieting!), two friends and I decided we needed something to look forward to… so we booked a ski holiday to Chamonix there and then.

We set off from Cardiff Airport on February 21st, and I simply cannot wait. It may be a few weeks away yet, but my skis are already waxed and my Winter woollies are ready to go.

The only problem is, I’m really very impatient, so at the moment three weeks feels like a lifetime!

However, I’ve come up with a solution, and it’s one that can get us all through the month, regardless of whether you have a ski holiday to look forward to or not. My plan is to find something to look forward to every day.

Yes, that can seem pretty impossible when its cold and dark outside, but as one lovely quote read ‘stars can’t shine without darkness’ which shows there really is something positive to be found in everything. So today my happy thought is calling my mum on the way home from work and tomorrow I’m looking forward to a take away with friends.

But even if I have a day where everything goes wrong and I can’t wait for it to be over, at least it will mean that I’m looking forward to going to bed!