It may be the end of Summer but that means the start of a new season, and I for one can’t wait!

I have always been a big fan of Autumn – there’s nothing better than wrapping up in woolly gloves and a scarf ready to head out into the park on a cold crisp day, where freshly fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet. To me it’s a magical time when the natural world undergoes a real transformation. But there can be big changes for us too as it’s the time when the school calendar changes so children move classes, some even start new schools and university students get their first taste of freedom.

Another new school year for me

Another new school year for me

The beginning of a new school year was always my favourite time growing up, mainly because it meant a trip to buy new stationery! I don’t know whether it was the excitement of having something shiny and new, or the anticipation of what I’d be able achieve in the coming months armed with my new bottle of tip-ex that did it, but I always looked forward to going shopping with mum to choose my pens and pencils.

Sadly as you get older the novelty of new notebooks and biros quickly wears off, particularly as you have to buy them yourself!

But that feeling of a fresh start, when anything is possible, is still important. Too often we get dragged down by our daily lives and can soon feel like we’re stuck in a rut, but without the prospect of a new term ahead, how do we drag ourselves out of it?

Sometimes, I think, you just have to ask for help. There’s nothing weak about admitting you need support, in fact I think it can take the greatest strength to do that.

GetAttachment-1.aspxThat’s why a few months ago I started working with a management company in Cardiff called Peacock Media Group. The aim was to help me get the most out of my work, and so far the decision is really paying off. As well as helping me to focus my thoughts and plan my career, they’ve also arranged an amazing photoshoot and helped me to create my own brand! And it is already paying off, today I started a new contract with the brand new television station called Made In Cardiff which launches next month – I’ll be presenting the nightly entertainment show What’s Occurrin’ Cardiff?

I’m more excited than I have been for years!

So this September may not be a new school term for me, but without doubt it is a new start, so make sure you keep watching this space, not for new highlighter pens, but for plenty of highlights!