The night before last I woke up with a start, someone was in my house. As I lay there wondering what to do, I slowly realised that I didn’t actually have a burglar, I had in fact been dreaming.

It’s unlike me to have disturbed sleep, usually my head hits the pillow and that’s me out for the count until the alarm goes off the next morning. So what prompted this nightmare?

I blame Crimewatch Roadshow!

One of the show's runners, Jess, testing out the props!

One of the show’s runners, Jess, testing out the props!

For the past 2 months I’ve been working on the programme in a production role – finding stories, writing scripts, interviewing victims, directing reconstructions and editing VTs. It has been a tough job (by the end of the run 14 hour days had become the norm) but I loved it. It was really exciting to be involved with a whole series from start to end, and I learnt so much about factual programming.

I also learnt something new about my brother! We needed a last minute actor for a reconstruction so Alexander, who has never shown any interest in being on camera or stage, stepped up to the plate and put in a very convincing performance as a burglar – that was probably more frightening than my dream!

But while I enjoyed the experience from a personal and professional point of view, it was a stark reminder that we all need to pay attention to our personal safety. Most of the people we featured had just been going about their daily business when they became victims of crime, but taking simple steps like checking the ID of people who come to the door, could have made them safer.

So from now on I will be taking more care myself. I won’t be sleeping with a cricket bat by my bed (I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m sleeping like a log again!) but I will be making sure my doors are always locked, and I’ll be setting my burglar alarm at night!

Some of the team celebrating the end of the end of the show

Some of the team celebrating the end of the end of the show