It’s the time of year when we all try to get fitter and eat more healthily, but when it’s cold outside and there are still Christmas chocolates in the cupboard that can be quite hard. However, this year I have been given a boost.

For Christmas I was given a trip to a health spa with my mum! So this week I have spent most of my time in either a white fluffy robe or gym kit and I can tell you, I feel FABULOUS! I know I’m lucky but it was just the push I needed, the boxercise and Zumba classes have been particularly fun.

The trick now is to keep it up, which is why I’m writing this post! I’m vowing to do at least three exercise sessions a week in 2019, so wish me luck and I promise token you posted on my progress.

This photo was taken before my ‘Fighting Fit’ boxercise class but I promise I was still smiling after!