When I was first thinking about going freelance there were times when I wondered whether or not I’d be disciplined enough to wake up every morning and be at my desk by 9am. I also worried there might not be enough for me to do, even if I managed it.

But this week I have managed to banish both of those fears.

OK, as I expected, I don’t jump straight out of bed with a spring in my step (I’ve always resembled a bear with a sore head in the mornings and that hasn’t changed) and I don’t think I’ve been at my desk by 9 o’clock once, but what I’ve realised is that doesn’t matter. The beauty of being freelance is there are no set rules, so as long as I do everything I need to, I can get up at whatever time I like!

And there’s plenty to do once I am awake.

I received an email this week telling me that my interview for Radio 5 Live was successful, so I’ll be doing my shift there soon. I’ve also been booked to present some weekend bulletins at ITV Wales in March. And I’ve even be asked to audition for a part in a short film! It’s not the sort of work I’m used to, but I’m looking forward to trying something new.

More importantly though I’ve found the time to meet up with friends and former colleagues, which often seemed impossible when I was working full time. But taking time out for a coffee and a chat has helped my work too. I’m more alert when I get back to my computer, and they’ve even given me some great ideas for stories!

So while my life may seem more chaotic than ever on the outside, inside I’m relaxed and calm. It’s a feeling I’m getting used to… I just hope it can last!