They say a week is a long time in politics, so the last two weeks must have felt like a lifetime for the Members of the Welsh Assembly.

Exactly two weeks ago today I was reporting for LBC at the Assembly Election Count in Cardiff where potential AMs were waiting to hear whether or not they’d won their seats. A fortnight on, and there’ve been more twists and turns for those who’ll be representing us than there are along the A470 from Cardiff to Colwyn Bay.

Firstly there was the UKIP leadership showdown. Nathan Gill as leader of the party in Wales had steered UKIP from no seats in the Welsh Assembly to 7, but fellow party members in the chamber, decided back the infamous Neil Hamilton as their Assembly leader instead.

Then there was the issue of who’d be First Minister. Most of thought that swearing in Carwyn Jones would just be a formality, but despite the fact his labour party holds the greatest number of seats in the Senedd, Plaid Cymru, The Conservatives and UKIP all voted for Leanne Wood.

Finally the stalemate was ended and today Carwyn Jones was sworn in with his cabinet – which actually includes a Liberal Democrat, the Lib Dems might have lost all but one of their seats in the Assembly Election but their leader Kirsty Williams will now be the Minister for education.

So an exciting start to this Assembly, who knows what the next five years will hold.