When you work as a journalist you meet a huge array of interesting and inspiring people. Paulette Pelosi from Swansea certainly falls into that category.

I first met Paulette when I was a reporter at ITV Wales. I interviewed her about the Arandora Star Disaster, in which we both lost a family member. Eighteen months ago, with plans to make a documentary on the Arandora Star, I contacted her again and since then we’ve become good friends. Obviously our regular meetings include discussions about my Arandora Star project, but we always put the world to right over a slice of cake too! During our discussions we’ve learnt a lot about each other (for example we have a mutual love of cats) and one of the things that has surprised me most is that Paulette has a condition called Lupus.

It’s an illness I knew little about, despite my background in Health Journalism, but I have now learnt about the complex condition which can have many differing symptoms. Paulette is affected in various ways, and I know it can have a huge impact on her life, but her determination and strength of character mask many of the symptoms.

So as a nod to Paulette I thought I’d share the fact that October is Lupus Awareness month. If it’s something you know little of I urge you to find out more, so please visit the website of LUPUS UK