Yesterday I went out for Sunday lunch to celebrate my mum’s and brother’s birthdays. The conversation and company were fantastic, and my cheese souffle was delicious, then we had the added bonus of bumping into an old family friend at the resturant.

“Aunty” Edana, as we used to call her, gave my brother and me extra English lessons when we were small, so seeing her reminded my mum of the time my year 9 teacher told her at parents evening that I would never pass my English GCSE because I wrote my essays as if I was still in junior school! Never one to turn down a challenge, I studied so hard over the next two years that I not only passed my Engligh Literature and Language GCSEs, but I achieved A grades in both!

So what that teacher would think now if she read my blog I do not know (she probably wouldn’t think much of it), but what I do know is that stubbon streak which spurred me on to prove her wrong, is definitely still in me.

There will have been people who thought I was making a big mistake by giving up a well paid, fulltime job in a recession to enter the unknow world of freelance, but I am determined to make it work, and so far it’s going well!

I’m pleased to report that last week I did my first two days working on the BBC current affairs programme Week In Week Out and I’ll be back there later this week, plus the PR firm Golley Slater enjoyed a media consultancy course I ran for them so much that they want to make it a regular event, and that’s not all!

As regular readers of my blog will know, a few weeks ago I had an interview at Radio 5 Live. The intensity of the recruitment process came as somewhat of a shock, but thankfully I passed their tests and I start work there next week.

So while it’s still the early days of freelancing, I do feel like I’m making progress. As a result I’m proving any doubters wrong, but more importantly I’m proving to myself I can do it!