Tonight the second episode in the news series of The Wales Report airs on BBC Wales.

I for one will be watching with interest, but then I have a vested interest as I am now working on the show. I joined the team four weeks ago and since then I have been getting my teeth into stories that really effect Welsh people.

Last week we met Annie Mullholland and Jean Hall – two women with the same type of cancer living just 40 miles apart. But the two friends were in different Welsh health boards and that meant they had very different experience of the NHS. After watching the report I produced for the programme, the Health Minister agreed to look at the system for giving drugs that aren’t routinely available on the NHS to ensure that access to treatment doesn’t depend on where you live. Result!

Tonight we looked at the changes to housing benefit and the effect that will have on people like Colin Bick. He has learning difficulties, so finds it difficult to organise his money. We also looked at the growing problem of human trafficking in Wales through harrowing victim testimonies.

Speaking to people about their worries and questioning policy makers about what is being done to deal with them is the reason that I became a journalist and I am proud of the work the team here is doing.

But while the stories are hard hitting and sometimes emotionally draining, we do get to enjoy the lighter side of life too.

For example, I’m really looking forward to our Christmas Jumper night out in December! But in the meantime my personal highlight has been working with the show’s presenter, Huw Edwards. Not only is he talented and professional, but he’s really lovely too! And working with someone who is so well respected in the industry is a real inspiration.

But it can be daunting too, as I have become Huw’s body double! Not literally of course but I have been standing in for him, presenting our studio rehearsals. His are big shoes to fill, but it’s a great way for me to practise some of the little things I’ve picked up from watching him at work and I’m looking forward to using them on air.

So, as the weather turns and the clocks go back, many will be wishing for the hot sunny days of the summer, but I’ll have a lovely warm glow this winter as I’m working on The Wales Report.