People always ask me about the most famous celebrities I’ve ever interviewed, and what they were like in real life, so I tell them that Rob Lowe was just as handsome as you’d expect and absolutely lovely, while Catherine Zeta Jones was even thinner than she looks on screen and Michael Douglas talked to me about watching karaoke in the Mumbles!

Meeting famous faces is undeniably a perk of the job, particularly when you get to see behind the scenes on film sets and events, but for me, the most amazing people to interview are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. That’s why I was so excited to record a special programme at last night’s St David Awards, which will be broadcast on Monday.


The Senedd in Cardiff Bay was transformed into a star studded ceremony for the occasion, complete with red carpet. However, few of the people nominated for awards had names you would recognise – and that’s the beauty of this event.



The St David Awards were set up by the Welsh Government to celebrate the exceptional achievements of everyday people in Wales. The categories included business, innovation, international and sport, but the most poignant winner of the night was Rhian Burke who set up a charity to help bereaved families, after her husband took his own life following the sudden death of their son.

Rhian was presented her award by Hollywood actor Michael Sheen, when I spoke to him about the event he told me that he goes to award ceremonies all the time and he’s not often one of the only actors there, but he was very pleased to be that night, because it meant that really deserving people were being recognised, and he was humbled to be a part of it.


The excitement of all those nominated, and in particular those who won, was clear to be seen and it was great that their achievements were being recognised.

The night made me feel truly proud to be Welsh.