It’s day two of my 30 Days Wild Challenge and I’m already having problems – there are just too many natural sights to choose from!

I couldn’t decide between the daisies dancing in the wind or the beautiful bamboo growing in a front garden, perhaps I should have posted a picture of the incredible ivy I saw growing out of a derelict castle wall. In the end I decide to take a snap of some fungus growing in a grass verge along the side of the road on my walk home from the BBC.

I’m not sure what sort of fungi these are, they’re certainly not the chestnut mushrooms I had for my tea! However, I do know they play an important part in our eco system. Fungi are pretty amazing because, unlike most plants, they don’t photosynthesise and they are essential decomposing organic matter. Fungus also have fundamental roles in nutrient cycling and exchange in the environment.

So an exciting find this evening!