Most people make their New Year’s Resolution (as the name suggests) in January. Usually they vow to eat less, exercise more and generally getting fitter.

For some reason that passed me by this year and so I continued the Christmas traditions of stuffing myself like a turkey and sitting around in comfy clothes well into 2014. But as January drew to a close I noticed by clothes closing in around me, everything I wore was too tight and felt severely sluggish.

As I stood looking at myself in the mirror I decided that finally it was time to do something about it, and so I embarked on Fit February; a new health lifestyle of cooking more (encouraged by the fortnightly organic veg box I signed up for), eating out less and exercising regularly.

At first it was a struggle – chocolate is so much tastier than fruit – but I persevered and today I felt the rewards. A month after starting my new regime I was weighed and measured at the gym. The statistics were most impressive! In just four weeks I’ve shed 12 pounds, losing three inches from my stomach, two from my hips and two more from each of my thighs and not only am I looking better, but I feel amazing too!

My plan is to stick to this healthier way of life, I’m still enjoying a glass of wine and the odd biscuit (I’m even going out for a curry tonight) but the secret is to have only a little of what you fancy, rather than a lot.

So as a new month approaches I’ve decided to call it Moderation March.