I love going away on holiday – in fact my friends joke that I’m always jetting off somewhere.

The past few months have been particularly busy for me. As well as spending my weekends camping in North Wales with friends, at a hen party in Western Super Mare, a wedding in Cornwall and a trip to Bournemouth to see old university mates, I have also been away working.


The destinations haven’t been the most glamorous but they have been varied. For a week I was filming across the East of England with the team at Barn Media, I’ve also spent time at a stunning stud farm in Buckingham working for Equine Productions, while Heart FM has sent me across pretty much the whole of South Wales in search of stories.

My favourite recent trip though has to be the two days I spent at the Hay Festival. Listening to the speakers was truly thought provoking and inspirational and it was great to meet up with some friends from the BBC. The food was amazing and the rain held off, and on the Thursday night I sat listening live to the beautiful voice of one of my favourite Welsh singers, Cerys Matthews, as she recited extracts from Under Milk Wood to music, regaled us with stories and sang some of her showstoppers. And while I was there I had the opportunity to support up and coming Welsh musicians as well, through the #horizons campaign (or #gorwelion in Welsh) which is championing new talent.


I’m so lucky to get paid to travel around the country and I’ve met some amazing people who have such interesting stories to tell.

This month my journeys have continued – just two days ago I flew back from Glasgow where I’d been cheering on Team Wales at the Commonwealth Games.

Comonwealth games

In fact, no matter where I am in the world, or what I’m doing, I always feel proud to be Welsh – which is why I’m always glad to come back here to Wales.

I flew back to Cardiff from Scotland with some of the Team Wales squad!

Call me sentimental, or even stuck in my ways, but I love the feeling of being at home. There’s nothing better than walking my dog Pierre in Llandaff Fields, or meeting friends for tea. I love meandering along the River Taff past the Millennium Stadium as I walk to my favourite shops in town, and I can never go far without bumping into someone I know.

They say home is where the heart is and that’s certainly true, but my heart is happiest when I’m here at home.

And you can read more about my travels in the July edition of Cardiff Times Magazine