When I left ITV at the end of last year one of my colleagues wrote in my card that whoever took over my job as Health Correspondent would have big shoes to fill.

Obviously it was a kind remark about the work I had done, but it was also a nod to my slight obsession. Yes dear readers, my name is Mariclare and I’m a shoeoholic!


I have red shoes, black shoes, pink shoes and yellow shoes; sequined shoes, glitter shoes, studded shoes and jewelled ones; ballet pumps, wedges, flip flips and sandal; kitten heels, platforms, and don’t forget stilletos. Then of course there are the boots – knee high, ankle, suede, leather, cloth – I could go on and on.

But there was one pair of shoes I’d always wanted, the creme de la creme of footwear. Even if you’re not a shoe fan you’ll know the type I’m talking about because you’ll have seen their sumptuous soles painted a perfect red… yes I’m talking about a pair of Christian Laboutins.


Longingly I’d look at pictures in magazines and on websites and told myself that one day I would buy, and now that day has come.

Like all women I felt the need to justify my purchase, now that I’m freelance I have to look good so that I’m taken seriously, and what better way to make a statement than wearing fabulous footwear.

As I walked into the shop in Knightsbridge I felt excitement and anticipation, this was it!

The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, bringing me variations in size, design and colour to help me make my choice. Finally I’d made my mind up and purchased a pair of classic black court shoes.


That was over a week ago now and I still haven’t worn them out yet, but every day I open the box to admire them! It sounds crazy I know, but I absolutely love them and  when I slip them on and step out for the first time wearing my Laboutins, I’ll certainly be standing tall!