As you can see, it has been several weeks now since my last blog (despite me promising on twitter that I would post an update last week). There are several reasons for this, including holidays and work, so instead of boring you with all the details I thought I’d quickly update you with an A to Z of the last month of my life. I hope you enjoy it!!

A is for Apology – before I start I thought I should say sorry again for my lack of blogging.

B is for Brazil – I spent a fantastic fortnight travelling around the country with friends old and new.

C is for Crimewatch Roadshow – 2 weeks ago I started a contract working behind the scenes on the BBC show.

D is for Dysgu (the Welsh word for learn) – doing that job is a great way to learn more about factual programming.

E is for Excuses – I’ve found loads of reasons not to sit down at the computer and write a new blog, including tidying my room (the same excuse I used for not studying when I was a teenager!).

F is for Friends – this weekend I’ve been catching up with old mates from university.

G is for Gossip – all we did was chat!

H is for House – on Friday I was interviewed by Kirstie McCrum from the Western Mail for a feature about my favourite room in my house.

I is for Invitation – I’ve been invited to have my picture taken for a photography exhibition about people and their prize possessions.

J is for Job news – I’ve been offered a job presenting an online property programme.

K is for Kitten – well actually it’s actually for catflap but C has already been taken… I’ve had to buy a new microchip controlled catflap to stop a feral feline coming into my home.

L is for Lynn Courtney – it was great to see Lynn and the rest of the Sharp End team when I visited ITV Wales with my friend Shazia Awan who was a guest on the programme.

M is for Manchester – I’ve arranged to film there next week for Crimewatch Roadshow.

N is for Newsreader – I’ve been asked to present ITV Wales News next Saturday and Sunday.

O – Oh my… – ….I think the next few weeks are going to be as busy as the last few have been!

P is for Puppy – I’ve seriously considering getting one.

Q is for Quiet time – I’ve been finishing off the book I was reading in Brazil (it’s ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls in case you were wondering).

R is for Radio – this Summer I’ll be doing some reporter shifts at Real Radio.

S is for Sunshine – bank holiday Monday was glorious, and even though I was working all day, it still made me smile 🙂

T is for Time – there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to.

U is for Um… – I don’t know what to write for this one.

V is for – very busy!

W is for Wedding – my friend Jo got married last weekend, and the day was fantastic.

X is for eXercise – I’ve decided I need to get fit.

Y is for Yippee – I’m loving my life as a freelancer!

Z is for Zzzz – listing those things has made me tired, I think I need to sleep now. Zzzzz