Anyone for tea?

Anyone for tea?

I’ve now been freelancing for exactly a week and I’ve learnt a lot in 7 days.

Firstly, I’ve discovered that I can drink an amazing amount of tea! Every meeting I’ve had this week has been accompanied by a cup of tea and every time I sit down at my computer or make a phone call there’s a cuppa by side. And what about when I want a break from all that work? You guessed it, it’s tea time!

The never ending ‘to do list’ is another freelance phenomenon. No matter how hard I work and how many jobs I tick it off it, it just gets longer and longer.

However I have learn some useful things as well. For example, I’m not as bad at computers as I thought I was. It might have taken me a whole day, but I successfully set up this blog page all on my own!

I’ve also discovered some great job websites out there in the virtual world. This week I finally set up a linkedin profile which has links to various media jobs. Another great site is which is particularly good for those who want part time work.

But the most important fact about freelancing is how supportive people are. Everyone I’ve spoken to has wished me well, many have suggested contacts for me to get in touch with, while some have even booked me to work for them.

So, as I don’t want to let anyone down, I’d better get back to my list of tasks now. But before I do, who’s for tea?